Season 1; Episode 1: It's Been 187 Days

Have you ever tried doing something for which you were totally ill-equipped but you did it anyways? Maybe some call this “living life”.

I think it worked out. I get a kick out of this “TV show”. However, it is a lot a work to make a show for yourself, so that would be swell if you like it too.

I did my best to implement a vision, but the real point is to have fun and show-off the work of others in an interesting way. The idea was created/developed/encouraged by the fine folks at LABELABEL.

This episode and the ones planned for the future all showcase work that I really love.

The well of talent runs deep on Substack and I look forward to creating more art with more people on this wild platform…and elsewhere.

I don’t have a business plan associated with this thing. Maybe I can keep it going, maybe not. I am going to publish a minimum of 3 episodes. Any input or feedback is greatly appreciated.

EPISODE 1 TALENT (in order of appearance)

The show stars

as the host, Delbert Chondroitin. To me, the whole idea hinged on someone playing the unhinged host. Along with being an author, Jimmy is a working actor with comedic and punk rock chops. He created and brought the character to life.

Having Jimmy involved makes this an actual show instead of a collection of clips…well, I mean, it is still a collection of clips. I’m only sad for the future where Jimmy won’t be able to go anywhere in public without getting called “Delbert”. You can find and subscribe to his engaging and remarkable daily fiction at Jimmy Doom’s Roulette Wheel. It’s a feat of art and endurance and I highly recommend subscribing.

(Aaron Zonka) provided the animation used in the introduction and provided the artwork used in the “masked drummer” segment. I’m mentioning them both here, because I learned of Aaron’s work via d.w. on Substack Notes and those two are friends in real life! Aaron’s notebooks and illustrations are outstanding and the style made him one of the first people I asked about contributing to the project. Luckily, he offered the short clip which became the intro. Having this piece of art in hand gave me momentum to get this project going.

I can say the same thing for what d.w. provided—the mask and shirt design for the mysterious “masked drummer” shot.

‘s publication One Could Argue, is a Substack must read and you should check out his art and designs. Pick up a onesie!

/Eric Pan (a Labelabel artist/co-president) is an artist/musician/filmmaker/writer with incredible talent and inventiveness. I’m lucky to feature this piece in this project. This multi-genre composition includes the beautifully melodic and frenetic piano, the steady camera with the mysterious shot, and the poetic story. Eric is an accomplished jazz pianist and and artist to watch. You can (and should) subscribe and follow his journey at Campfire Sparks.

is a U.K. based musician/singer/songwriter/writer. etc. contributing two pieces in this episode: “How To Make A Cowboy Movie” and “Hardly”. I first learned about her publication a constellation when seeing this collaborative Steely Dan post she released with (the also awesome) . I’ve been a fan of them both fan ever since and feel fortunate to have Olivia’s music in this episode. I had to include two of her pieces because there’s the excellent singing, songwriting and performance but also, her great sense of humor. “How to Make A Cowboy Movie” seemed like it is custom made for this show and “Hardly” is such a gem and closes things in the best way. I highly recommend subscribing and following her work…we are also gonna do a Simpson’s song collab!

needs no introduction to those active on Substack Notes. He’s well known as the butt of some great jokes. Other than that, I recently learned that Alex is also a comedian, actor and writer and publishes his own newsletter called both are true (BAT). Good luck with your newsletter, Alex!

In all seriousness, Alex’s work and the BAT community are a huge part of what makes Substack a fun place to hang out and joke around…and spill your guts/write honestly. I coerced Alex into participating in this show by taking him up on an offer to create a funny AI video for new subscribers.

Larry and Larry’s son are hilarious. I imagine they’ll get a full-length feature film someday. Just check it and subscribe to his work if you have not. You’ll catch me goofing around in the BAT comments which could be a good place to connect if you’re interested in contributing to some writing for Salon Du Monde, Fremont.

(a Labelabel artist/co-president) is a Massachusetts via Basque Country artist/musician/singer/songwriter/writer etc. Britta presents visual art in her newsletter along with wonderfully orchestrated songs, sounds, melodies and structures with a cinematic presence. “Qrayinz” exemplifies this to me and the more I listen to it, the more I love it. The well-done DIY video fits with the ethos of what I want to present in this show, which I guess can be described as… quality/inclusive DIY. Make sure to subscribe and follow Britta!

is a writer/artist/photographer/(voice)actor who primarily releases fiction via his publication Tales From the Defrag. His suspenseful, witty and engaging stories are always a treat. Additionally, he’s doing some truly epic worldbuilding for his forthcoming novel Spherean. He’s engaged designers and musicians to create a visual and audial identity for a dystopian future. I’ve been honored to work with him on a couple of these releases and I plan to release a track soon which was inspired by his character “Bosso”.

I especially love the s-Zero “commercial” because it features the music of

who—if you don’t already know—is one of the premier musicians on Substack (a list that includes , , and many more). The quality of Fog Chaser’s music, sound design, melodies, and feelings, are all top notch.

Also, thanks to rotatingsandwiches.com for the beautiful sandwich footage used in the closing credits.

OK enough effusive praise! I’m releasing at least three episodes of this madness and no one can stop me!!! I'm hoping to do 6 as one complete “season” and then reassess.

THE NEXT EPISODE WILL COME TO YOU IN DECEMBER and is rumored to include contributions from Substack geniuses such as

along with more Delbert Chondroitin and other things TBA.

Thanks to those interested in contributing in some way…the answer is yes! I’m taking notes and tryna figure out how to keep it going.

But, honestly, if it ends up being unsustainable—all good, friends, it has been fun. I mean, like...you can pay for this and that could help.

Your pal,


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