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Washed Memoir Episode XI: Empire Builder

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Art Corner

This track was created for and inspired by

’s in-progress science fiction novel, Spherean.

First, check out the following post:

Tales from the Defrag
For this Qlev pod video, we are visiting a character I initially had not planned for. Senator Roberto Bosso emerged while writing a scene involving my three protagonists, Hein Sorenson, Felice Vongestalt and Kay Occamore. The event in question was Hein’s speech about his latest scientific breakthrough, and suddenly, I found myself writing about this cor…
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All of it is part-in-parcel to Alexander’s world/empire building. I recommend viewing his interview with the pod designer here to learn more about this process.

The D0mint3r video features an expertly designed fictive vehicle to transport the vile Senator Bosso who is on the run from GAIN for some yet-to-be known reason. Bosso is described as a conniving, corrupt and powerful figure who causes a major brouhaha in the Spherean universe. I suppose we’ll have to wait for the book to come out to find out!

But what’s the next best thing to the real thing? Fan fiction!

Apologies to the real-deal writers out there, but here’s a little sci-fi of my own to accommodate the song which was inspired by the fiction1. It’s a recursion gone wild.

Sci-Fi Corner

Bosso, but with more of a “90s MS Paint” aesthetic. Courtesy of Microsoft Designer

Bostradamund X

A Tale from an Alternate Spherean Universe/Spherean Fan Fiction

Approximately the size of a small moon, The CORE orbited the most difficult to observe planet in the galaxy. It maintained perpetual artificial rotations that prevented detection from all possible signals, sensors and long-range lenses. The only way to know the location of the CORE was to have access to the CORE Code itself.

Colloquially known as “The Mechanic”, the CORE Vice Editor’s responsibilities included maintaining Entity Prime’s CORE Code.

Ever since the syndicate cracked the algorithm and optimized the combination of sentients and functionaries, there wasn’t much work for CORE Editors—other than maintaining the illusion of freewill.

The Mechanic’s job had been rather mundane for the past 1,000 years.

As a higher-order hybrid entity, The Mechanic was one of only 303 sentients with viable hard-chains to interface with Entity Prime’s CORE code—an exceedingly rare function. There were over 300 trillion known entities (sentient and functionaries) in the universe with readable chains operating on coherent timelines.

One of these 303 sentients was responsible for the breach; the probability of any other entity accessing the CORE code was so miniscule it wasn’t worth considering.

The breach had been subtle. Deftly done, with the skill and understanding of what would go noticed or unnoticed by The Mechanic or the functionaries charged with monitoring systems data and correlations.

The Mechanic detected the breach during routine daily maintenance and only noticed the abnormality due to intuition and experience. After completing the physical scan of the core, The Mechanic felt a small variation. The feeling came to the The Mechanic in the form of a hue—nearly perfect, but a few microns further orange. Impossible to detect in a normal scan, but possible to feel.

The feeling was slight; only present for one rotation, but it lingered with The Mechanic just long enough.

After scanning hue levels in section 55500 in 36,000 timelines, the minor abnormality was confirmed.

A system breach.

Whomever enacted the breach understood too much about the system. They likely knew The Mechanic would detect the breach and that they would need additional time to confirm it; buying the intruder three valuable days to run.

There had been three prior entities before the current Mechanic. The first two were decommissioned due to system upgrades, the third served for over 3,000 years and was given free roam, and this one…this would be the first Mechanic to be erased and repurposed. An error of this magnitude had consequences beyond this soon to be former Mechanic’s control. They had to stop themselves from calculating the potential ramifications for the Out-World. There was no stopping it now…no going back.

Given the predicament, The Mechanic decided to ascertain the identity of the person responsible for the breach before enacting the protocols that would assuredly set the galaxy aflame.

Of the 303 possible suspects, 41 were in positions of negative power in the current galactic alignment, which was motive enough.

Of these 41; 17 were in the required trans-space range to execute a breach of this nature—if they had knowledge of the COREs position cycle data. However, knowledge of the CORE’s position wasn’t easily accessed and a required a traceable system ping.

Out of the 17 possibilities, only 2 entities accessed data in the timeframe that could have contained the CORE position information.

Senator Fleemus Maste and Senator Bostradamund X.

Senator Maste commonly pinged the system given her role as council chair.

As The Mechanic brought up the image of Senator X, the image was so obvious that The Mechanic’s inner physical structures began to feel weak. An acidic glaze began to form around their lips and they expunged a bit of bile right onto the screen. A screen on which glowed a face of vile putridity, fittingly juxtaposed beneath the inner chemicals of The Mechanic.

The Mechanic pulled themselves together and launched the signal.

Future Corner

Future WMRT programming will include televised extravaganzas, however I will still deliver a solid twelve original songs this year as promised. And guess what? Only one more to go! Along with another episode of Salon Du Monde, Fremont coming this December.

You may be telling yourself…

“Wowsers, Billy, what an amazing amount of art/content delivered to me at a somewhat predictable tempo. Did you say one song and one episode of TV per month?”

I think that is worth paying for—if your name is Billy or any derivation thereof.

I would personally love to produce all of these things for you. As long as I can have a lot of money to do it; or, fundamentally change the system so that everyone can have the opportunity to live a creative life and…at least not starve?

I dunno.

Living a creative life is a hard to advocate for in times of war and insanity. Perhaps by design.

This work…the operationalization of my own madness and connecting with others that are willing and excited about creating in similar ways—this is keeping me connected to my humanity.

I suppose.

The confusion beams are so strong, I’m sure most of us feel exceedingly unqualified to “chime-in” on matters of geopolitical destabilization. No one needs to hear what I have to say about it. They, most likely, do not need to hear what you have to say about it. Not that you shouldn’t say something. You should.

I guess.

Still, I believe that the global majority of peaceful people is larger than ever before.

Your pal,


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